Related — Chemical Testing Causes Alarm

“Blood testing of Katherine residents has already revealed all PFAS chemicals are not the same.

PFAS is the name given to a group of chemicals used at the Tindal RAAF Base in firefighting foams used in training between 1988 and 2004.

One of those chemicals is called PFHxS, or Perfluorohexane sulfonate, or again Perfluorohexane Sulfonic Acid.

PFHxS has ‘long-range transport potential’ and higher bioaccumulation in humans than PFOS.

It lasts longer in your body, some estimates are about 10 years.

European agencies have rated PFHxS ‘as a substance of very high concern’ based on animal and human data that showed the chemical might have more potential to bioaccumulate in humans than PFOS.

A proposal has been made to list it for action under the UN Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants.

The Federal Government has still not released a report from its Expert Health Panel for PFAS which was established to advise the Australian Government on the potential health impacts associated with PFAS exposure and to identify priority areas for further research.”

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