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“RESIDENTS in Bundaberg are the latest to find their health and their homes are at risk from what is a growing national environmental crisis, says Lindsay Clout.

Mr Clout is the president of the Fullerton Cove Action Group and a member of the Williamtown Steering Committee co-ordinating a class action against the Department of Defence.

He would like to share his personal experience with the Bundaberg community after it was last week revealed the Svensson Heights water supply was contaminated with PFAS…

Mr Clout tells the NewsMail there are three reasons why the residents of Williamtown recommend the people of Bundaberg don’t believe that.

1. The chemicals and their impact on human health have been the subject of major legal settlements in the US.

2. The chemicals do not breakdown in the environment for decades or your bloodstream for up to nine years. “We know from independent testing they are at levels in our community which far exceed any government guideline globally,” he says.

3. The Department of Defence knew for at least 20 years the risks of these chemicals and told no one.”

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