“A permanent solution to Katherine’s water supply woes may take up to two years, as residents continue to endure water restrictions put in place when PFAS chemicals were discovered in the Top End town.

The restrictions were introduced in August 2017 after the chemicals, which are linked with potentially toxic firefighting foams, were found in the town’s bore water.

Authorities say the town’s water supply remains safe to drink, and the restrictions were designed to limit the amount of contaminated bore water used to boost supplies during the dry season.

Katherine’s water supply is a mix of river and bore water, and during periods of low rain — such as the dry season — more water from the town’s bores must be used.

Water services general manager Rob Brito told ABC Darwin the measures would be lifted when a new water source for the town was established…

The current treatment plant was supplied by Defence to remove PFAS from Katherine’s groundwater and has been in operation since October.

But it only treats up to 1 million litres of water a day.

Power and Water are also looking at an alternative source of water as another option, but there may be risks PFAS could be drawn up in the future.”

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