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“Residents in the PFAS-affected area in Svensson Heights should limit the use of water from private bores.

That advice is among information released by Bundaberg Regional Council and Queensland Health in a flyer delivered to residents today.

A council spokesman said the brochure was being hand delivered by council staff this morning.

‘Council received confirmation on 12 April 2018 that water supplied to customers from the Dr Mays Road bore exceeded the guidance value,’ it reads…

It states the bore was immediately removed from the water supply and will not be reinstated.

Anyone with a private bore in the area west of the railway line and north of the airport should not drink the water or use it to prepare food the flyer says.

Residents have also been told they should not consume food grown or produced using the bore water.

They are also asked to avoid or minimise the use of bore water for showering, bathing and sprinkler play by children or to fill swimming pools due to risk of unintentionally drinking the water.”

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