“EPPING — The town plans to perform another round of groundwater testing at its landfill and nearby private wells after elevated levels of a water contaminant were discovered last fall.

Selectmen on Monday approved of spending $9,380 to hire Stantec, a consulting service in Auburn, to take water samples and test for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances commonly referred to as PFAS…

The town has a groundwater monitoring permit for the landfill on Coffin Road and is required to sample the water twice a year.

However, the state Department of Environmental Services recently began requiring that the town test for PFAS, said Dennis Koch, Epping’s public works coordinator.

Samples were taken from several wells last October to test for PFAS for the first time. Koch said amounts of the chemical that were “slightly above” the allowable limit were found in three monitoring wells at the waste landfill. Two private wells in the area that were also tested came back negative, he said.

The town will expand the scope of the testing, which includes finding six additional private wells within a 1,000-foot radius. The two private wells that were tested last October will be retested this spring.”

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