“GREENLAND — A Greenland mother and activist is traveling to Washington, D.C. for an April 19 meeting with the manager of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund Program.

Jillian Lane is also sharing a letter online she hopes other people living around or concerned with the Coakley landfill will sign so she can deliver it to Superfund Program Manager Albert Kelly.

The letter calls the Coakley Landfill Superfund site ‘a vast wasteland in the middle of some of New Hampshire’s most beautiful and historic communities.’

‘No appreciable progress has been made after 27 years,’ the letter goes on to say about the remediation at the site. ‘In fact, toxic chemicals have leached off the Superfund site and into surrounding surface water, contaminating drinking water supplies and closing off fishing in the area to catch and release only.’

You can view and sign the letter at goo.gl/xWJRFD.

Lane lives less than a mile from the landfill and has been a community leader in getting municipal water run to homes around the Superfund clean-up site…

In a recent interview, Lane said she decided to join with The Center for Environmental Health and Justice and the Toxics Action Center to travel to Washington and let federal officials know about the dangers people living around the landfill are facing…

Tests on groundwater in monitoring wells at the site found PFOS chemical levels as high as 1,108 ppt, according to the DES and EPA, and 1,4-dioxane over its health advisory level. The EPA’s health advisory for PFAS chemicals is 70 ppt.

PFAS chemicals and 1,4-dioxane are suspected carcinogens and, as emerging contaminants, have extended the time the CLG must monitor the site. PFOS chemicals have been found in the surface water at Berry’s Brook at levels much higher than the EPA level for groundwater.”

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by Jeff McMenemy.