PARKERSBURG — A local water system wants more sampling done to corroborate recent tests for the compound GenX.

The Little Hocking Water and Sewer Association on Monday notified customers that the sampling done by Chemours at the request of the Environmental Protection Agency found a concentration in pretreated water of 32 parts per trillion, but the substance was not detected in the treated drinking water. GenX succeeded C8 in the manufacture of Teflon at the Washington Works in Wood County.

A request will be made to the EPA for additional tests to check the accuracy, said Dave Altman, an attorney who represents the association…

Citing the presence of GenX in the water supplies around a Chemours facility in Fayetteville, N.C., and in wells at the Washington Works plant, Acting EPA Director Kate McManus in January requested Chemours test water from Little Hocking, Belpre and the Lubeck Public Service District; the Chemours site; and five private drinking wells each in West Virginia and Ohio…

The results of the GenX testing of the pre-treated water in the private wells ranged from non-detected to 52 parts per trillion at a well south of Little Hocking on Ohio 124. The chemical was not detected in the treated water from the private wells, according to the data given to the EPA from Chemours by Andrew S. Harten, project director of the Chemours Corporate Remediation Group.

In the public wells, the concentration of GenX in the raw water ranged form non-detect to 81 ppt at a well at the plant site. GenX was not detected in finished treated water at all the public systems, according to the data from Chemours.”

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