“(Natural News) The U.S. Attorney for North Carolina’s Eastern District has launched an investigation into alleged GenX contamination at the Fayetteville Works. The feds have served subpoenas to DuPont and its Chemours spinoff. They are also seeking information from the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Chemours indicated in its 2017 annual report released in February that it is cooperating with regulators at the federal, state, and local level as well as reponding to subpoenas from three federal grand juries. Several class action lawsuits have also been filed in the situation…


The Cape Fear River provides much of the drinking water for southeastern North Carolina. According to the News&Observer, North Carolina officials suspect that the facility secretly dumped GenX into the river for many years. In addition to the DEQ, agencies participating in the probe include the EPA,  the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, and North Carolina’s Bureau of Investigation…

Tests conducted by Chemours itself have reportedly revealed that approximately two-thirds of the wells in the area near the plant tested positive for GenX and one-third of them allegedly contained unsafe levels of the chemical. Last November, the DEQ pulled Chemours’ permit to discharge wastewater into the Cape Fear River.

Legislation is pending in the state legislature to address the GenX pollution issue, although it is subject to partisan squabbling over its funding mechanism and other concerns.  (Read more about water pollution-related developments at WaterWars.news.)

Chemours is complying with an EPA request to test water for GenX in Ohio and West Virginia. ‘The tests are occurring within the same waterways that had been polluted during past decades by a carcinogenic GenX precursor chemical, called PFOA,’ DelawareOnline explained.”

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