“ALGOMA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Algoma Township is joining the federal lawsuit against Wolverine Worldwide over PFAS contamination in residential wells.

Neighboring Plainfield Township voted late last month to file suit against the Rockford-based shoe manufacturer. Algoma Township stated in a release Monday that trustees agreed unanimously to get on board with the legal action.

The townships want to make Wolverine front the cash to extend Plainfield Township’s municipal water system to areas where contamination has been found in residential wells. The project could cost up to $25 million.

Hundreds of homes in Plainfield and Algoma townships have been found to have PFAS in the water, some at levels well above the state’s standard for drinking water. The contamination has been blamed on Wolverine waste dumped decades ago. Area municipal water systems have not been found to have dangerous levels of PFAS, a likely carcinogen also linked to several other illnesses.

Wolverine has said it plans to spend $40 million on its response to the toxic tap water crisis, much of it to provide whole-house filters to affected homes.”

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