“NEWBURGH – As the controversy over Newburgh’s water being tainted by chemicals believed to emanate from the New York Air National Guard Base at Stewart Airport, City Manager Michael Ciaravino Wednesday sent notices of intent to file a civil action against several entities believed to have had some role in the contamination.

The city’s reservoir, Washington Lake, was found laced with PFOS, a carcinogenic chemical believed to have originated from aircraft firefighting foam in the National Guard’s Crash, Fire and Rescue operation.  Washington Lake receives water from sources including Silver Stream and its tributaries, Patton Brook, and groundwater recharge.

Ciaravino said the filings are the first step in the legal process.

‘Whether it’s for injunctive relief, whether it’s for damages, whether it’s for reimbursement for city residents that have purchased water, these theories are currently being developed and formulated and will be part and parcel of more comprehensive litigation that will be filed,’ he said.”

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