“DALLAS — (BUSINESS WIRE) — The national law firm of Baron & Budd announced today it has filed suit in the United States Eastern District of North Carolina against Chemours and DuPont for their role in contaminating several private properties near the Fayetteville Works facility on the Cape Fear River (Case No. 7:18-cv-00030-D). The suit alleges that the properties – including groundwater used for drinking and bathing – have been contaminated by dangerous perfluorinated chemicals (“PFCs”), including GenX. Co-counsel is Harold Seagle of North Carolina-based Seagle Law.

The firm is pursuing legal action on behalf of numerous property owners to recover damages associated with the present and future removal of all PFCs from the property.

Many of the plaintiffs own property near Marshwood Lake, which has water with GenX levels as high as six times greater than established state health limits. The suit alleges that the contamination has adversely affected the quality and safety of the water drawn from Plaintiffs’ wells. GenX and other perfluorinated chemicals will continue to exist in groundwater for decades, even if Chemours removes these chemicals from its waste stream. Additionally, costly measures are required to remove the chemicals from the Plaintiffs’ groundwater wells and the aquifer supplying Plaintiffs’ wells…

The legal team representing these private property owners will be led by Baron & Budd Shareholder Scott Summy, one of the most successful water contamination litigators in the U.S. Summy and the Baron & Budd team have won over $1 billion for clients facing water contamination issues. Summy also brings a lengthy track record of protecting the drinking water of North Carolina residents. In the 1990s, he filed the first MTBE lawsuit against Conoco on behalf of Wilmington residents, which was settled in 1997 after a Wilmington-based jury rendered a multi-million-dollar verdict to cover the costs of medical monitoring.

‘After months of investigation, it is abundantly clear that both Chemours and DuPont acted with blatant disregard for the environmental impact that dumping PFCs would have on the people living nearby,’ said Summy. ‘These companies understood the dangers associated with Gen X and many other PFAS contaminants for years and chose profits over corporate responsibility. They knowingly failed to disclose that they contaminated the aquifer, which is the source of domestic water for hundreds of residents living near the plant. We intend to protect the rights of these private well owners by holding Chemours and DuPont responsible for this contamination.’ ”

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