“GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Faced with lawsuits claiming its PFAS contamination caused three deaths, as well as miscarriages, cancers and other illnesses, Wolverine Worldwide on Monday said it shouldn’t be responsible for any of it.

The Rockford-based shoe manufacturer responded to 52 of the 89 lawsuits filed against it in Kent County Circuit Court. It asked a judge to dismiss them all…

The 89 cases filed so far in Kent County Circuit Court have accused Wolverine of causing three deaths, at least nine miscarriages and leading to cancer and other illnesses in more than 60 people in Algoma and Plainfield townships…

It denied that it should have taken action after 3M sent Wolverine a letter in 1999 warning of the potential harm of PFAS — a letter first revealed by Target 8.

Wolverine denied knowingly putting nearby residents at risk and said it had no obligation to warn neighbors.

The company asked the judge to dismiss the cases based, in part, on the 3-year statute of limitations, saying residents “should have known of any alleged PFAS contamination more than three years before” they filed the lawsuits.”

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