“Dayton officials are asking the Air Force to stop what they say is groundwater contaminated by Wright-Patterson Air Force Base from flowing into Huffman Dam. Officials say samples from the city’s early warning monitoring wells network alerted the city to chemical contaminants in the water.

Officials are emphasizing they have not found any of the contaminants in water provided to residents. They say Dayton’s drinking water remains safe for consumption.

According to the city, testing data indicates the chemicals originated at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The chemicals — per and polyfluoroalkyl substances known as PFAS — are man-made, and linked to industrial and consumer products…

Again, The city says the contamination levels are not considered unsafe according to EPA standards.

Still, in a statement released from the city, Mayor Nan Whaley said the city is working with state and federal Environmental Protection Agencies to respond to the contamination. And, the city is taking steps to prevent its water system from being further affected.”

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