“CITY OF NEWBURGH – The state will be ready to run test samples of Newburgh’s contaminated primary water supply through the city’s new filtration system in four weeks, setting up a decision about returning fulltime to the reservoir for the first time in nearly two years amid concerns from public officials and residents.

Martin Brand, the Department of Environmental Conservation’s deputy commissioner for remediation, and Brad Hutton, the Department of Health’s deputy commissioner for public health, both told residents at a public forum Monday that the system will undergo extensive testing to confirm that it is filtering out PFOS.

It was levels of PFOS that led to the closure in May 2016 of Washington Lake, which has long been used as Newburgh’s primary water supply…

None of the lake water used for testing will be allowed into Newburgh’s distribution system, and the sample results will be released to the public, Brand and Hutton said…

While state officials are confident about the new system’s ability to filter out PFOS, Newburgh officials and residents are concerned about the continued flow of contaminated water from Stewart Air Base into Silver Stream.

Newburgh stopped diverting the stream’s waters into Washington Lake following its closure, and state officials have been pressing the Department of Defense to halt the discharge of contaminated water into the stream.”

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