“The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a revised drinking water Directive that would, among a number of changes, add limit values for three endocrine disrupting chemicals to the list of criteria for monitoring water quality.

The proposal, adopted on 1 February, follows a REFIT evaluation of the Directive. This called for an examination of whether the safety parameters, set more than 20 years ago, deal with ‘existing and emerging pressures’, the Commission says…

The proposal also includes the addition of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) to the list of monitored parameters.

Unlike in the case of EDCs, however, the Commission proposes to deviate from the WHO recommendation for two individual PFASs – PFOS and PFOA – and will instead regulate the whole group.

It suggests values of 0.1μg/l for an individual PFAS and 0.5μg/l for PFASs in total, the same as for pesticides. The WHO recommends 4μg/l for individual PFOA and 0.4μg/l for PFOS.”

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