The incidents happened while trucks were being prepared to transport wastewater believed to contain toxic GenX.

WILMINGTON — On two occasions during the past month, Chemours has spilled wastewater it believed contained GenX at its Fayetteville Works plant, according to letters from the company to environmental regulators.

In each instance, Chemours told the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) Division of Water Resources, the amount of Genx that may have spilled totaled ten-thousandths of a pound. The company reported in both cases that none of the wastewater reached public waterways and was quickly cleaned up.

‘Chemours is making this report (i) even though the incident did not result in the exceedance of any applicable reportable quantity, (ii) even though reporting is not required by any applicable permit or regulation, but (iii) in the interests of cooperation and transparency given DEQ’s ongoing focus on the handling of (GenX) at the Fayetteville Works,’ Christel Compton, a Chemours program manager, wrote in both letters.

The reported spills happened Dec. 31 and Jan. 14 during the process of loading tank trailers with wastewater, according to Chemours’ summary of the incidents. In the Dec. 31 incident, about 5 gallons of process wastewater spilled, while the Jan. 14 incident resulted in the spill of about 10 gallons.”

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