“ALGOMA TOWNSHIP (WOOD) — Wolverine Worldwide has cleared itself from any involvement in one of the reported PFAS dump sites without interviewing the man who said he dumped there, Target 8 has learned.

In fact, the former dump truck driver said no one from Wolverine or its consultant reached out to him about the former Rockford city dump at 12 Mile Road and the White Pine Trail…

In a letter to the DEQ in December 2017, Wolverine’s consultant, Rose & Westra, said it found no evidence the company dumped sludge at the former Rockford city dump.

It said it checked with the city, with Algoma Township and former employees, who said they dumped only ‘ordinary refuse’ there.

The letter concluded: ‘Wolverine does not anticipate or plan any further action for the WPT (White Pine Trail)/12 Mile Road area.’

Tefft said if Wolverine or its consultant knocked on his door, he’d ‘tell them the truth.’…

He said he hauled some to an old dump at East Beltline and Three Mile Rd., and hundreds of loads to Wolverine’s dump on House Street NE in Belmont, which closed in 1970.”

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