“Last week, Wynn-Stelt received blood testing results showing extremely high levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances known as PFAS or PFCs in her blood.

A California lab found four different PFAS compounds in her blood serum. Combined, they totaled 5 million parts-per-trillion (ppt). Of that, one chemical, PFOS, was found at 3.2 million-ppt — about 750 times the national blood level average of 4,300-ppt, according to an American Red Cross blood donor study.

It was shocking news, but Wynn-Stelt has been getting used to that since she found out in July her Plainfield Township home’s well was poisoned with extremely high PFAS levels from an old Wolverine World Wide liquid sludge dump across the street.

According to state toxicologist Christina Bush, the 38,000-ppt level in her well is ‘the highest concentration of PFOA and PFOS that’s been found in a drinking water well in the U.S. so far.'”

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