A Wilmington man has filed a federal lawsuit against The Chemours Company over GenX and other perflourinated compound contamination of the Cape Fear River and drinking water for many Southeastern NC residents.

In the lawsuit, which seeks class action status, Brent Nix is pursuing compensatory and punitive damages arising out of “releases, discharges, spills and leaks of chemical compounds from Chemours’ Fayetteville Works site.” The suit also seeks a jury trial and injunctive relief to fund a program of health-related testing.

“These damages include the loss in value and marketability of properties owned by Plaintiff and Class Members, the cost of remediating the properties owned by Plaintiff and Class Members from the toxic chemicals released from the Fayetteville Works Site, the cost of mitigating the contaminated water, and/or the cost of alternative water sources,” the suit states. “Plaintiff’s and Class Members’ damages also include the loss of use of their properties they own, loss of use and enjoyment of those properties, annoyance, discomfort and inconvenience.”

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