Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances

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Tyco-Ansul Fire Technology Center — Town of Peshtigo, Marinette County, WI

Suspected source: Firefighting foams used by Tyco Fire Products at the Ansul Fire Technology Center.

8 of the 89 wells tested contain PFOA and PFOS above the EPA limit of 70 parts per trillion. An additional 17 wells have detectable levels of the compounds below the EPA limit. The other 57 wells have no detectable levels. Testing indicates that the majority of  affected wells were shallow sandpoint wells, while deeper bedrock wells were not as contaminated.


Tyco has been testing groundwater since 2017, after discovering PFOA and PFOS in the groundwater beyond their test field in southern Marinette. The company tested borings in a few of locations around the test field and identified an area in northeastern Peshtigo (a Town in Marinette) where additional testing was needed.

Tyco has been providing bottled water to residents with wells in the affected area and will offer to install granular activated charcoal filtration systems for residents with wells above the EPA’s 70 ppt limit. Long term remediation strategies include digging new, deeper wells, or extending municipal water to the Town of Peshtigo.  But additional investigation and analysis will be needed before a long-term plan can be developed.

Tyco Fire Products has promised to continue holding public meetings to keep the public informed.

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