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Stuart, Florida

Water first tested positive for PFOS/PFOA in 2014 and 2015, but didn’t exceed EPA limit until change in 2016. Stuart’s highest level of PFOS was 180 ppt in 2014. It averaged 43 ppt in May of 2017, city data shows.

City officials do not know the source of the PFCs. The city replaced three contaminated wells near the water treatment plant on Southeast Palm Beach Rd. The city’s 2017-2018 budget allocates $600,000 for additional water treatment to remove chemicals.

City officials “launched legal quest” to identify who contaminated ciy wells & plan to sue to cover costs. Two law firms will help with the process: Florida law firm Morgan & Morgan and national law firm Weitz & Luxenberg. If the search and case are successful, the city gets 60% of the proceeds and the law firms get 40%. 

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