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MCOLF Atlantic, North Carolina

Suspected source: Firefighting foam used at MCOLF Atlantic base.

“In November–December 2017, the Navy completed requested sampling of drinking water from wells within designated areas near Marine Corps Outlying Landing Field Atlantic, also known as Atlantic Field. Based on these sampling results, the Navy is continuing the request to test drinking water from wells within designated areas near the airfield that have not already been tested. Additionally, the Navy is developing plans to initiate an environmental investigation to identify and evaluate potential source areas of the per– and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) detected in drinking water.” — US Navy

Map provided by the US Navy

Out of the 258 samples collected by the Navy so far, two samples exceeded the EPA’s health advisory of 70 ppt.

In 2018 the Navy is planning to begin an investigation on the MCOLF Atlantic property to determine if the PFAS detections are the result of past operations at Atlantic Field.

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