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Lansing, MI

Two industrial sites have been identified as probable sources of PFAS contamination: Lansing’s Adams Plating operation and the RACER Lansing Plant.

Racer Lansing Plant: Testing confirmed PFOS/PFOA was released from a former chrome plating area. DEQ first requested sampling at RACER Lansing Plant 3, which is a former GM facility, in December 2016. Secondary sampling took place to determine the extent of the area impacted in April 2017. A third sampling work plan is being developed and is expected to begin later this year. The neighborhood west of Plant 3 is on a municipal water supply.

Lansing’s Adams Plating: PFAS contamination on this site stems from electroplating operations that began in 1964 and continued until a fire destroyed the building in 2010. The DEQ became aware of the PFAS-contaminated groundwater in November 2016, from EPA sample results which were collected  in July 2016 as part of a ongoing Remedial Investigation (RI) for this Superfund site. No private wells in the area of the site are using this groundwater as a drinking source.

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