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Hyannis, Massachusetts

Suspected contamination source: Barnstable County Firefighter Training Academy (Town of Barnstable, 2016)

The topographic lines of the aquifer are referred to as water table contours, which are used by hydrogeologists to plot the exact flow of groundwater.

Contamination of wells in Hyannis is likely connected to aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) used at a local fire training academy, which contained fluorosurfactants such as PFOS.

The geology of Cape Cod makes its groundwater sources extremely susceptible to contamination. In parts of Massachusetts with clay or rocky soil, ground water can take a decade or more to travel a foot underground, depending on the geology. In some parts of Cape Cod, ground water travels a foot a day, and in many places the water table sits less than 10 feet below the surface.

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