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Fairbanks, Alaska

Suspected contamination source: Firefighting foam used from 1984 to 2004 in fire training exercises at the Fairbanks Regional Fire Training Center; Firefighting foam was also used at Fairbanks International Airport.

Regional Fire Training Center

PFOA and PFOS were first discovered at the City of Fairbanks Regional Fire Training Center (RFTC) in 2014, when the City of Fairbanks sampled standing water contained within the burn pit. A site investigation was conducted associated with the closure of the burn pit.

In 2016, PFOA and PFOS levels exceeding the LTHA (range: 0–0.37 ppb) were discovered in 40 of 140 wells tested in a local community

For a detailed timeline of investigation and remediation efforts, click here.

Map: Alaska DEC

Fairbanks International Airport

Testing conducted by Fairbanks International Airport in neighborhoods near the airport in December 2017 found PFASs in 26 out of 33 private drinking water wells. 19 of those had levels above the EPA Health Advisory. The lowest detection of PFAS was 6.4 parts-per-trillion (ppt) and the highest detection was 762 ppt.

FAI has contracted with Vision Construction Intl. to provide water delivery services. Residents and businesses in sampling area can call to set up alternate water source.

Map: Alaska DEC

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